San Ignacio, Cayo District
Belize, Central America

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Welcome to Tanah!
~ Where everything is different ~

The Garcia Sisters welcome you to their Mayan Eco Cultural System. Through cultural preservation, an eco natural lifestyle of self sufficiency, and creative inspiration they are able to share their Mayan Experience, Herbal Remedies and Teas, Art Center Exports, and Museum Exhibits.

The Garcia Sisters live in the small village of San Antonio, called Tanah in their native language, nestled between the blue Maya Mountains and the town of San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize (an English speaking country on the Caribbean Coast of Central America).

Tanah was once inhabited by the ancient Maya whose presence can still be felt through the traces of pottery and majestic temples to be seen all over the area. The present day village of about 1,500 Mayans was settled in the late 1800's by the Yucateca Tribe.

There are various fiestas and rituals held throughout the year when the villagers dress and dance in the ways of their ancient tradition. Most of the rituals take place in the sacred caves and temples around the area. Tanah is host to the Pacbitun Mayan Site, Chichan Ka Lodge, the Maya Medicine Trail, self-sustaining farms, a botanical garden, and a wealth of traditional health practitioners, including those who specialize in massage, chiropractics, and midwifery. It is a place where planting and harvesting are sacred, where prayer and thanksgiving have great purpose, and where life is rich and whole.

Everyone in the village is aware of the importance of preserving their native language which is Maya Taan, also known as Yucatec Mayan. It is their mother tongue, surviving from their ancient Mayan ancestors. English, Spanish and Creole are almost never heard in Tanah except in the two schools. However, when a visitor enters the village the Mayans use these languages to communicate so they can share their culture with others.

The village of Tanah and The Garcia Sisters have been featured in numerous magazine articles, videos, and television programs such as Discover America, as well as on the Discovery Channel and stations throughout Europe and the United States.

As much can be learned through observing other cultures and lifestyles, The Garcia Sisters welcome you to Tanah, meaning "Our Home". It is a place where everything is different.

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